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General Hospital: Tragic Details About Genie Francis

You think you know her until you realize there’s so much more about her. Of course, we are talking about General Hospital star Genie Francis. Here are just a few tragic details about her life lately.

General Hospital: Tragic Details About Genie Francis

Back in 2018 and in an interview with Closer Weekly, the stunning actress says that things haven’t always been easy for her, both on and off screen. But thankfully she’s managed to overcome plenty of personal issues, most of which included her drug and alcohol addictions and her yo-yo dieting.

“I’m in a business that wants me to be that toothpick-figure girl, and I’m not,” the 56-year-old told the publication. “All girls start to freak out about their bodies when they’re 12 to 14, but what intensified the experience for me was my character [Laura] being put on a diet, and then me taking predigested liquid protein, which people died from. That was my entrance into the dieting world!”

Genie also admitted that she’s sick of hearing about Luke and Laura’s wedding. She said, “The [Luke and Laura] wedding — I’m sick to death of it because it follows me. Well, for many years, I couldn’t go on to talk about it without that preceding my entrance. So it doesn’t anymore, but for at least 20 years, that’s how it was. So not that one. But I do like the ones that I can’t remember. That’s fun to see. I don’t even remember I did.”

General Hospital: What’s Next For Genie?

Last year, Genie also opened up about Luke and Laura’s “rapemance.” While speaking to Decider, Genie stated that it was an inappropriate storyline from the beginning and that she’s not inclined to defend it anymore. She said, “As a young kid at 17, I was told to play rape and I played it and I didn’t know what it was. At 60, I don’t feel the need to defend that anymore. The story was inappropriate, and I don’t condone it.”

There was also some speculation that Genie might have been snubbed by General Hospital’s showrunners. Earlier this year, a lot of fans believed that Genie should be getting more love than what she’s apparently been getting on the show. Of course, everyone has their own opinions on the matter but some believe that as one of the originals, Genie should be getting more respect, especially in the show’s promos. Well, Genie and the other ‘originals’ from the soap.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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skunk lover
18 days ago

genie does deserve respect also what they did about “bobbi” passing away on the show does not resoect the actreess!!!!!!!!

Diane O
Diane O
18 days ago

I have always loved Genie and she is perfect just the way she is.

june leathers
18 days ago
Reply to  Diane O

I agree! She looks a lot better then Rebecca Herbst(Elizabeth). Rebecca is way to thin. The camera always adds about 10 lbs so I can imagine how thin she looks in person.

Brenda H.
Brenda H.
18 days ago

Love GH and Genie Frances!The world would be a better place if we would encourage each other.Thank you Genie for bringing so much life to the character you play.You have always been beautiful!

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