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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What’s Going On With Xander And Theresa?

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that everyone wants to know what’s going on with Xander, Theresa and the rest of our favorite Salemites. Luckily, we’ve got some answers. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What’s Going On With Xander And Theresa?

In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, Ron Carlivati, who is the Head Writer for Days of Our LIves, previewed what’s next for Xander, Theresa, Alex and Konstantin. He told the publication, “When John Aniston [ex-Victor] passed away and we finally were writing Victor’s death into the show, we thought about what story could generate from it and started kicking around this idea of Victor’s long-lost son. So we decided to do a misdirect where you think one person is the heir, but it’s really someone else. So we revealed it to be Alex, knowing that it was Xander, and that Theresa was going to stumble upon the letter revealing that.”

Carlivati continued, “At the same time, she’s kind of stuck with a problem, which is Konstantin, and it’s in both their interests to keep quiet about what the other one is doing. Underneath it all, Theresa still has lingering feelings for Brady, so will that be a problem for her, too, while she’s trying to move full steam ahead and go after Alex?”

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What’s Next For Chad, Stephanie And Everett?

Now, as far as Chad, Stephanie and Everett are concerned, Carlivatti also said, “We wanted to create a complication in Chad and Stephanie’s relationship. We had laid in way back when that Stephanie talked about a guy that she dated when she was in Seattle and that she thought things were getting serious and then he ghosted her, he just disappeared. We mentioned it a few times and decided to go back to that, and Everett is now in Salem and there’s a bit of a mystery of why is he back now? Is he still interested in Stephanie? Is that going to be a problem for Chad and Stephanie?”

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