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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Divorce Details Revealed

So much for happily ever after. There’s a new report that suggests Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are very close to pulling the plug on their marriage, as their union is in trouble amid the ongoing pressure they’ve been feeling to keep things together. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez’s Divorce Details Revealed

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting a divorce? That’s what the celebrity world would like to know. One source close to the situation tells OK! Magazine that “the honeymoon phase is over” between them, even though they are supposedly still madly in love.

The tipster put it this way, “Of course they’re under a lot of pressure with work obligations, being in the spotlight and blending their families.”

If that weren’t enough, Jennifer Lopez seems to be jealous of the relationship that Ben has with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. It goes without saying that the two have to remain close seeing how they are still raising three children as co-parents together. To make matters worse, Lopez hates it that Ben always looks like he’s much happier in paparazzi photos with Garner than his own wife.

Are Ben And Jen Getting A Divorce?

The insider also added, “In fact, there have been a lot of photos of them together lately where Ben looks so happy, happier than he usually looks when he’s with J. Lo. That’s not lost on J. Lo. She doesn’t think Ben wants Jen back — J. Lo even likes Jen very much — but what woman wouldn’t be a little jealous?”

Now, whether or not Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez do get a divorce remains to be seen, but the couple sure have been spotted looking more miserable than in love together. This won’t be the first time that they’ve called it quits as Ben and Jen also walked away from their relationship back in 2004 and right before they were supposed to get married the first time around. So far neither one of them have made any comments about the speculation, nor have Jen and Ben confirmed or denied the rumors about their relationship. Watch this space.

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