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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Is Highly Suspicious Of Finn

Oh, so all of a sudden he has a reason to be worried? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Liam Spencer is going to have every reason to be concerned about Finn after he witnesses some odd behavior between him and his mother, Sheila Carter. Here’s what you need to know.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Is Highly Suspicious Of Finn

Even though it was Liam who had kissed Steffy on the lips during that spontaneous moment in Italy about a month ago, apparently he thinks he’s in the position now to protect her. This, despite the fact that Finn is Steffy’s husband. Well, Liam surely didn’t like what he saw when he noticed some suspicious behavior between Finn and his mother Sheila. Liam thinks that they might be working together to bring down Steffy, or at least bring some harm her way. Either way, Liam is making sure that Sheila keeps her distance from the woman that he might potentially fall in love with again. 

It goes without saying that a lot of The Bold and the Beautiful fans have had plenty to say about this plot twist. And let’s just say that they aren’t happy at all. Some comments have included, “I’m so glad Liam Spencer was inserted into the Sheila storyline because he hasn’t hasn’t had one in a while. And yes I am being sarcastic,” along with, “Are we sure Finn passed his medical boards? He’s gotta be the dumbest person alive. I’m 100% on Liam’s side here considering his daughter lives with Finn and now his crazy mother is on the loose again. Finn can go be with Mommie Dearest and Steam can be a family again.”

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What’s Next For Finn?

Another critic wrote, “They are throwing Finn under this plot driven bus and writing him out of character, to make Liam look better. It is going to work for me. I am not falling for this narrative.”

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