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Is The Royal Family Putting Too Much Pressure On Prince George?

He might be the future king of England, but for now he’s just a little boy who probably just wants to watch YouTube videos and play Roblox with his friends. Yet, there are a lot of people out there who can’t help but wonder if the royal family might be putting a little too much pressure on Prince George, too soon. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Is The Royal Family Putting Too Much Pressure On Prince George?

Is the royal family putting too much pressure on Prince George, who just celebrated his 10th birthday? That seems to be the case. He’s already out there doing royal engagements and public appearances with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. What’s more, a lot of people can’t help but notice that the young boy always looks like he would rather be anywhere but in the spotlight. But as a member of the royal family, it’s not like he has much of a choice. After all, both King Charles and Prince William know that they’ve got to prepare him for one of the biggest roles one can certainly take in their lives. And it won’t be easy, of course. 

It goes without saying that many royal fans and critics alike had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Many of them commented with, “He’s just a few years younger than Harry was when he lost Diana. Little boys in a big institution. As much as I despair over William and Kate in many areas, I’m glad those children have their parents,” along with, “I guess it’s just too much to ask to let this 10 yrs old be a damn kid… future king or not. They are just determined to center him. Why does he need a spread in People? Let this kid run, jump, fish… do whatever 10yr olds do away from the cameras!”

What’s Next For Prince George?

Another critic wrote, “Why does this child have to look preppy ALL the time? How about his favorite football or cricket kit? A little dirt also looks good! You know those fourth grade girls like a boy who looks like he’d play jacks, netball, or double dutch not prepared for church, temple, or mosque!”

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