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Does Kate Middleton Really Hate Meghan Markle?

Yes, we know that hate is an awfully strong word to use. While no one really expected them to be the best of friends, they certainly didn’t expect them to be the worst of enemies, either. Yet, that’s exactly what happened as it seems like Kate Middleton would rather eat frog feet than go anywhere near her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. This has prompted a lot of people to even wonder: does Kate Middleton really hate Meghan Markle? Here’s what we know about that so far.

Does Kate Middleton Really Hate Meghan Markle?

Kate Middleton was upset when she was told that she couldn’t see Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral on the day that she died because of her American sister-in-law. One source close to the situation at the time said, “The King said it was only for the children and grandchildren to be with the Queen. Privately, he wanted to say Meghan was not welcome. But he couldn’t say that to Harry so he personally intervened and asked Kate to stay back so that it was fairer on Meghan.”

It’s also been reported that Kate Middleton thinks it’s Meghan Markle who has caused so much discord between Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family. One tipster said, “Kate doesn’t even recognise this person Harry’s become. He’s betrayed his own family and broken confidences by speaking out. The royal family’s response to Harry’s backstabbing has been to say nothing – but clearly, they think the world of Kate and are on her side.”

What’s Next For Kate And Meghan?

Some people have even said that Kate has acted very icy towards Meghan. Her body language can tell a story of its own. The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex did not speak at all during the UK mourning period. Apparently, Kate was doing everything that she could to “freeze out” Meghan. 

Royal author Tina Brown has also pointed out that Prince William’s wife might simply have been jealous of Meghan Markle while she was still in London. She said, “Kate is a strong character, very well-educated, very smart. She was the first royal woman, now that I think about it, who had any proper education. She’s impressive, but she’s human, and who needs to be described continually as the Duchess of Dull, compared to the charismatic Meghan?”

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