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General Hospital News: A Martinez Opens Up About His Soap Legacy

General Hospital star A Martinez has opened up about his soap legacy. The actor is best known for his roles on multiple daytime television shows such as Santa Barbara, General Hospital, One Life to Love, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, and more! Here’s what he has to say.

General Hospital News: A Martinez Opens Up About His Soap Legacy

When asked about his start on Santa Barbara, the actor told Soap Opera Digest, “ I rewrote my audition — that’s kind of the main takeaway — because I didn’t know how to make the scene work as it was written. It was on the advice of Leslie, my wife, who was much more aware of the possibilities of what it would mean to be on that show. I’ve always felt that gave me a big advantage because I was doing something that was uniquely mine and that I felt completely comfortable with.”

He also opened up about Cruz and Eden’s wedding. A said, “I remember that I couldn’t see Marcy’s face because of the sun shining. It was bouncing off that white veil. It drove me crazy. I was so utterly dependent in everything I did with her on being able to have access to her face, especially her eyes. There was always such a strong sense of “what’s going on between us is so much greater than the sum of its parts,” and that’s about electrical and/or chemical energy. To have that cut off in the moment that I was most vulnerable was real hard. I bitched and moaned about it to the director, Rick Benowitz. He would say, “Yeah, I know, but look at that. It just looks so beautiful. We’re not going to kill that because of your process [laughs].” So I had to suck it up and pretend I could see her eyes.”

Santa Barbara’s Legacy

A also says there’s a reason why Santa Barbara was hugely popular. “It was brilliantly written. It was a cut above. At its best, it was so audacious. The things it did, the humor in it when Justin Deas and Robin Mattson were playing that couple [Keith and Gina] — you’d see that on any television show, any time, anywhere and think, “Wow. That’s amazing stuff.” That was stuff you didn’t see [on daytime]. I’m not an expert. I wasn’t watching all the shows that were on then, but I just had a sense when I looked back years later that this was spectacular writing, the sense of audacity, the willingness to take risks and try things that were around the bend. It was just amazing. The music was amazing, the writing, the storytelling, the respect, the sense of communion,” he explained.



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