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Prince William And Kate Middelton Have Given Up On The Royal Lodge

It looks like their dreams of upgrading have been downgraded. There’s a new report that suggests Prince William and Kate Middleton have “resigned” to living in their “too small” Windsor home, seeing how Prince Andrew is refusing to give up The Royal Lodge. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William And Kate Middelton Have Given Up On The Royal Lodge

It was earlier reported that King Charles had evicted the Duke of York from The Royal Lodge just so he could free up the home for William and Kate and their ever growing family. But because Andrew is refusing to move out, sources say that William and Kate have already given up on their fight to move.

According to the Mirror, one source close to the situation put it this way, “The Palace originally wanted Andrew out of Royal Lodge so that the property could be renovated and prepared for new lodgers. The Prince and Princess of Wales desperately want a larger property for their family in the Windsor area and discussions were originally focused on putting them in there. However, Andrew was having none of it and is adamant that he will see out the end of his lease at Royal Lodge.”

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The insider added, “William and Kate love the cottage but it’s just too small for them. There are four bedrooms which just about fit them all in but there are other things that need to be considered. Staff and other elements need to be factored in.”

Many royal fans have commented on the matter with, “Adelaide cottage is a lovely home and property that offers them privacy and normalcy. When George was 1st born they lived in a small house in Wales. Good on them for wanting to give their kids a normal home without 16 bathrooms.”

Another fan wrote, “Resigned? It was never the Wales family having a hissy about any accommodation they lived in, think you got it confused with the ever-whinging spoilt Harkles where nothing was ever good enough.”

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