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General Hospital Spoilers: Did Amanda Setton Suck The Sexiness Out Of #Chastelynn?

It looks like the debate is still on. General Hospital fans are still weighing on Chase and Brook Lynn’s relationship and maybe even the lack of chemistry between the two on-screen characters. In fact, there’s heavy speculation that one of the reasons why the pairing isn’t working is because Amanda is refusing to do love scenes with her co-star, Josh Swickard. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Did Amanda Setton Suck The Sexiness Out Of #Chastelynn?

Of course, many General Hospital fans have had a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some have even commented with, “I’m going to say something a bit controversial- the whole “Chastelynn” stuff was a Chris & Dan problem. Amanda isn’t the issue. She’s beautiful & talented and she doesn’t need to take her clothes off to be desirable. The childish writing is not on her,” along with, “There are plenty of popular & sexy soap pairings that had mostly implied love scenes & nobody cared because the actors had chem & good stories. Jasam’s first time was a fade-to-black and yet they weren’t written chaste or boring. Chase & BLQ just have a writing issue.”

But other fans wrote, “If it was just sex scenes I’d agree but it’s more puritanical limitations than that but I do agree that that’s a producer issue not an actress issue. She has a boss and he’s allowing it. The writing definitely isn’t helping.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Does #Chastelynn Lack Chemistry?

Back in December, there were rumors swirling on soap Twitter that Amanda Setton and Josh Swickard have agreed not to do any love scenes together on the show, despite the fact that their characters are currently engaged to get married. But it turned out that Amanda simply didn’t want to do any sex scenes with her co-star because of her own personal beliefs.

So far Amanda Setton herself has not made any comments about the matter, although at this point it’s doubtful anything will be said.

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19 days ago

No she did not. I’m so sick of seeing people jump into bed all of the time. They don’t have to jump into bed just to prove their point. Who cares. Some people shouldn’t be naked on TV.

19 days ago

I say hooray – that there is already too much pretty explicit sex shown on most shows. I think it’s more than that, however. There needs to at least be more snuggling and connecting. The real chemistry seems to be missing! There was much more between him and Sasha or Willow! We have two beautiful people who just don’t seem truly in love!

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