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Meghan Markle Gets Fired From Spotify

Yikes. Could this signal the beginning of the end for Archewell? Maybe. There’s a new report that says Meghan Markle’s podcast Archetypes will no longer be hosted on Spotify. The company has decided not to renew their contract with the Duchess of Sussex. Here’s what you need to know.

Meghan Markle Gets Fired From Spotify

According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify has decided to cut ties with Meghan Markle, despite the fact that her podcast was one of the most successful and highly-rated ones on the platform. Soon after the announcement was made that Spotify was cutting ties with Meghan, Archewell released a statement that said, “The team behind #Archetypes remain proud of the podcast they created at Spotify. Meghan is continuing to develop more content for the Archetypes audience on another platform,” a spokeswoman for the couple’s Archewell Productions media company said.”

Back in August, it was reported that Meghan Markle’s podcast had managed to bump Joe Rogan to the second spot, despite the fact that he’s held on to the first spot for nearly three years. The Duchess of Sussex’s podcast also topped the Spotify charts in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

During her first Archetype podcast, Meghan detailed what had happened when she found out that her son Archie was almost caught in a fire that broke out in his nursery in the home they were staying in while in South Africa. Meghan said that it was their nanny Lauren who made the decision to take Archie with her downstairs a little before the fire began.

What’s Next For Archetypes?

Meghan recalled, “She was from Zimbabwe, and we loved that she would always tie him on her, her back with a mud cloth, and her instinct was like, ‘Let me just bring him with me before I put him down.’ In that amount of time that she went downstairs, the heater in the nursery caught on fire. There was no smoke detector. Someone happened to just smell smoke down the hallway went in, fire extinguished. He was supposed to be sleeping in there.”

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