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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Slammed For Being A Cheap Royal Couple

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle one cheap royal couple? That’s what some people are apparently calling them. That’s because one source believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have avoided all of the drama and controversy surrounding their supposed New York City car chase last week if only they would have stayed at a hotel and not at their friend’s place. In fact, that’s why some people think that they are cheap. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Slammed For Being A Cheap Royal Couple

According to Page Six, a lot of people have been rolling their eyes ever since Harry and Meghan claimed that they were in a “near catastrophic car chase” with the paparazzi last week. The royal couple were chased by the paparazzi for nearly two hours around New York City. One source claims that the couple did not want to stop their car because they didn’t want the paparazzi to the exact location of where they were staying for security purposes. 

But a New York City law enforcement source told Page Six: “They should have just gotten a hotel for the safety of everyone. Instead, they were cheap and wanted a free place to stay.”

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike have commented on the matter with, “This makes no sense. If the Sussexes went to a hotel, the paparazzi would surround that place for sure. And they would probably try to get inside and/ or pay people who worked there for access and/ or information,” along with, “Page 6 would be thrilled if the Sussexes stayed at a hotel. As would other media. Then they could do at least 10 stories that randomly itemize the cost of the pillows. And the nypd wouldn’t have to to do their jobs and run the risk of looking incompetent if they holed up in a hotel. That would then fall on hotel security.”

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Another critic wrote, “If this is an actual source, the NYPD could be trying to deflect blame for their incompetence at not arresting the paps who repeatedly endangered the public with their recklessness. And how does he know that the Sussexes stayed with a friend on the Upper East Side?”

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