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Nancy Lee Grahn Dragged On Twitter Over Haley Pullos Arrest: ‘You Will Be Blocked’

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn is usually the one who is doing all of the dragging on Twitter, but this time around it looks like she’s being the one who is being dragged. That’s because a lot of people can’t help but wonder why she hasn’t said anything about Haley Pullos’ DUI arrest even though she often calls out her other co-stars for some of the things they do and say. Here’s what you need to know.

Nancy Lee Grahn Dragged On Twitter Over Haley Pullos Arrest: ‘You Will Be Blocked’

TMZ says Haley was driving on the wrong side on a freeway in Pasadena back on April 29th. When she swerved her car, she flew over the dividing barrier and into oncoming traffic. It was also noted that her breath smelled of alcohol, her speech was slurred and she had watery eyes. The driver of the other car also ended up at the hospital with major injuries.

After many of her Twitter followers asked Nancy why she hasn’t commented on Haley Pullos’ arrest yet when she’s wasted no time in dragging her former co-stars Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton in the past, she responded with, “I’m getting a reminder lesson today on not rushing to judgment without knowing the facts first. Rest assured, when I have something to say here about something, I will. In the meantime, ANYONE who offends my sense of justice, fairness or FFS, simple compassion, will be blocked. That’s all. Enjoy your evening.”

Nancy then continued with, “Caring about, loving, witnessing for years their good nature & consummate professionalism doesn’t mean condoning their highly remorseful, inconsolable, tragic mistake. Compassion. Please. We feel for everyone involved. Just Compassion. Please.”

General Hospital News: Nancy Has No Comment (Yet)

Of course, it didn’t take very long for Twitter to do its thing and clap back. Some critics commented on Nancy’s ‘no comment’ statement with, “You can love someone and STILL say they screwed up. Caping like this is foolish behavior. It would’ve been best if she stayed quiet and chatted with her girl on the side ESPECIALLY given her own history on this app.”

Others wrote, “There are a lot of fans who have been affected by things like car crashes, Nancy. Blocking people who disagree with you seem offensive to those affected by it.”

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