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Kate Middleton Has To Deal With Prince William’s Verbal Abuse?

Yikes. This doesn’t sound very good at all. There’s a new report that says despite the way they’ve managed to portray their marriage as very picture-perfect, there’s a new report that suggests Kate Middleton has apparently “been through the wringer” with her husband Prince William’s verbal abuse. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Kate Middleton Has To Deal With Prince William’s Verbal Abuse?

According to Marca, there is one source close to the situation that says the Princess of Wales is dealing with a lot behind closed doors and that’s mostly because she’s been subjected to some harsh emotional abuse from her husband, Prince William. The royal staffer even goes on today that Kate Middleton’s mental health has taken a toll because of all of her husband’s mistreatment. Not only that, but it’s been difficult for her to pretend that everything is okay when she’s in public with William, especially when it’s not.

The tipster said, “Kate’s really been through the wringer lately. The way William treats her is just awful, and it’s been really hard on her. She’s such a strong person, but even she has her breaking point.”

Many royal fans and critics alike have commented on the matter with, Of course William has been verbally abusive to Kate. We’ve been saying that for years. Rage monsters don’t go off the clock so he’s just as bad at home as he is to Harry and Charles,” along with, “Coupled with what Harry has shared about Will attacking him and DEMANDING that Harry retaliate I believe this 100%. The regulars here have been saying this for sometime now. That man is horrible and violent and that woman is getting the brunt of it.”

What’s Next For Prince William And Kate Middleton?

Another critic wrote, “Firstly its no stretch to think that someone who is known to verbally harass and abuse his own brother and father would do the same to his wife and children. It doesn’t excuse Kate from her behavior toward H&M, but I truly believe her home life with William is hell. She has always bent over backwards to please him, but he is never pleased.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter. Again, this is all pure speculation and the sources have not been confirmed.

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