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General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Gets Slammed For Making Unfavorable Comparison To Ron DeSantis

Let’s just say that when Nancy Lee Grahn doesn’t like someone, you better believe that she is going to tell the world about it. Yet, some people think that this time around the General Hospital star might have gone a little too far. In fact, some media outlets are slamming the actress for comparing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Adolf Hitler. Yikes. This is certainly Nancy being Nancy again. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Gets Slammed For Making Unfavorable Comparison To Ron DeSantis

According to Breitbart, Nancy compared DeSantis to Hitler after the governor decided to remove certain books from Florida schools. She even called him a “sadist.” She even put it this way, “DeSantis is just getting started. The guy is a twisted sadist. If he is free to do as he pleases, he will end up making Hitler seem nice.”

Of course, many Breitbart readers sure did have a lot to say on the matter as they commented with, “She doesn’t realize she’s complimenting Hitler by doing so; everyone screams that the Nazis burned books, but they never think about what books they were burning,” along with, “Ron will wear those labels proudly because they mean that he is doing the right thing. When they have no arguments they revert to name calling. Now we’re taking advice from soap opera actresses? What’s next? Putting a dementia patient in the White House to see if anyone notices? Bring it on Nancy!”

General Hospital News: Did Nancy Go A Little Too Far This Time?

And what does Nancy have to say about this? Well, in response she tweeted, “I’m in Breitbart more often than Soap Digest. They like me. They really really like me. 

Hey, if there’s anything that we can count on from Nancy, it’s that she’s always great at delivering the drama, whether it’s in Port Charles or on Twitter, right? Don’t ever change, Nancy! She certainly likes to tell it like it is, regardless of what other people are going to say about it.

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