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Prince William And Kate Middleton Left Disgusted Over Archie and Lilibet’s New Titles?

Royal Family News suggests that Prince William and Kate Midddleton sure do have a reason to be upset these days. That’s not just because Prince Harry seemingly threw the entire royal family under the bus in his tell-all memoir, Spare, but also because it seems like King Charles is still catering to him and Meghan Markle. In fact, the monarch’s latest move might have possibly left the Prince and Princess of Wales disgusted for allowing the Sussex’s children Archie and Liliibet to have titles that William and Kate probably think they don’t deserve. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Left Disgusted Over Archie and Lilibet’s New Titles?

Let’s just say that the situation behind the scenes at Windsor Castle is most certainly a complicated one. Prince William has pretty much made it clear that he wants to keep as much distance as possible between him and Prince Harry as he’s never going to forgive him for all of the things he’s said and done up to this point. There’s no doubt that Kate Middleton feels the same way. Yet, it seems like King Charles is the one who is trying to make amends with the Sussexes as he not only officially invited them to his upcoming Coronation, but also just updated the official royal website with Archie and Lilibet’s titles. Archie is now known as Prince Archie of Sussex while his sister is Princess Lilibet of Sussex.

For William and Kate, this has to feel like a kick in the teeth. That’s because they’ve been doing everything on their end as far as the royal workload is concerned yet Harry and Meghan have done nothing but damage the monarchy’s reputation and they are still being treated as though they have status within the family. Actually, make that Harry and Meghan and their kids. 

Royal Family News: Are William And Kate Really That Upset?

Yet, it seems like King Charles might see things differently. He might want Harry and Meghan to show up at his Coronation just so the royal family can look like they are unified again. Plus, he’s tired of all the feuding going on and that might be also why he’s willing to make amends with the Sussexes, regardless of what William and Kate have to say about it.

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