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Bold & The Beautiful Alum Maitland Ward Talks “Toxic” Relationship With Co-Star

Bold & The Beautiful Alum Maitland Ward Talks “Toxic” Relationship With Co-StarMaitland Ward played Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) from 1994-1996, marking it as her acting debut. She was 17 when she began working on the soap opera and recently revealed a “toxic” romance with fellow B&Ber, actor Dylan Neal.

B&B Alum Maitland Ward Admits Romance With Dylan Neal Was “Toxic”

Ward has since moved on to working on adult films; however, reflected on her soapy relationship with Neal in her book, “Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood”.

She recently spoke with The Mirror US, and chatted about her romance with Neal, who played Dylan Shaw on the B&B, stating, “It was just such a journey to look back at your life and look at things and say, ‘Oh my God I didn’t see it that way then but now I do’. Like in relationships. I had a relationship-ish with my co-star in Bold and the Beautiful and looking back, it was so toxic and I didn’t identify that at the time.”

Ward noted that writing her book was cathartic and encouraged others to sit down and write about their lives, adding, “Just do it for yourself, just so you can read it and go back on your life.”

Bold & The Beautiful Alum Maitland Ward Talks “Toxic” Relationship With Co-Star

B&B Alum Maitland Ward Shares Interesting “Toxic” Story About Dylan Neal

In her memoir, Ward claims Dylan offered suggestions on how she should act after her character lost her virginity on B&B. She writes in the memoir, “Dylan took my on-screen virginity … and it was something he talked about — no, more like bragged constantly about — and prided himself in.”

Ward adds, “’Big day,’ he said with a smile as I walked onto the set where it would happen — his college dorm room, after a party where we would both get caught up in something we weren’t supposed to. He kept commenting to hair and makeup how I was too done up, and I didn’t look sweet enough or innocent.”

What are your thoughts on Maitland Ward’s romance with actor Dylan Neal, during their time on B&B? Comment below! Catch the soap daily on CBS and continue to visit SS for all the best Bold and the Beautiful news and spoilers.


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