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Juanita Broaddrick Makes Disgusting Comment About Michelle Obama

Some comments are just better kept to yourself. Juanita Broaddrick recently made some rather off colored comments about the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. And of course, the internet sure did have a lot to say about it.

Juanita Broaddrick Makes Disgusting Comment About Michelle Obama

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Juanita, who once famously claimed that she was sexually assaulted by former president Bill Clinton, took to her X account to share a video of Michelle Obama dancing on television.

She captioned it with, “Do you think Michelle Obama is a tr*ns woman? I believe Joan Rivers.”

Of course, it didn’t take very long for the internet to do its thing and weigh in on the matter.

Many comments included, “Joan Rivers told everyone about Michelle Obama before she died. But who knew if she was joking or not.”

Another critic wrote, “Michelle Obama’s frame alone is deemed to be male and impossible to be a female. Impossible. Their conclusions are that the size of his body is an above sized average male.”


What’s Next For Michelle Obama?

Back in 2023, Podcaster Jason Whitlock even dedicated 124 minutes of his life on conspiracy theories about Michelle and whether or not she’s a transgender woman who is attempting to keep her identity a secret from the public.

If that weren’t enough, former NBA player Royce White even made some eyebrow raising comments about Michelle’s gender.

The podcast even went over Michelle’s physical features and speculated on whether or not Michelle is the real mother of her two daughters. An associate professor by the name of Newly Paul, said, “These claims will likely not go away. They seem rooted in spite, sexism, and racism, which fact-checks cannot cure.”

And even though Michelle Obama keeps being the target of these very nasty rumors and allegations, she’s not letting it get the best of her.

Back in August, Michelle opened up about how she manages her self-doubt, fear and anxiety and admitted that she does struggle at times. 

According to People, she put it this way, “Everyone was searching for some answers of how to cope. And for some reason they were asking me, ‘What do you do?’ I had to start thinking about that.”

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