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Critics Are Calling Out Kate Middleton For ‘Laziness’

Is she really that lazy? Or is she privileged? Or just royal? That’s what many people can’t help but wonder, especially after royal author Omid Scobie called out Kate Middleton for being work-shy and doing the least amount of royal engagements compared to other members of the royal family. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Critics Are Calling Out Kate Middleton For ‘Laziness’

Is Kate Middleton really that lazy? Well, it all depends on who you ask. Omid Scobie says in his book, Endgame, that the Princess of Wales is happy with her light workload right now and that she’s more of a stepford wife than a royal who just works part time.

Of course, many royal fans are none too pleased with this description of their beloved princess, but it’s often been reported that both Kate and her husband Prince William do the least amount of work in the royal family. It’s been like that for years but nothing has changed.

But should Kate Middleton take on more work? That seems to be the hot topic on social media. One royal critic had this to say on Twitter, “All three of the children are now in school all day, and Kate still has a full-time nanny living on site.

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Kate doesn’t cook, clean, or do any chores, as she has servants for all of that. And she doesn’t do any meaningful work outside the home. It is not sexist to point this out.”

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Many others wrote, She’s the Princess of Wales now too. You’d hope she’d want to live up to the title and appreciate all the benefits the British public gives her by working hard for them!”

along with, “And why is this a problem? So do I. Is this an issue and you can afford it. At least I’m creating employment and my staff are well looked after and happy.”

So far Buckingham Palace has made no comments. Watch this space.

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Emma Schmeiser
Emma Schmeiser
1 month ago

The kids are back to school why isn;t kate back to work?

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