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Days of Our Lives Star Brandon Barash Says Daughter Harper Is Adjusting To Her New Family Role

Days of Our Lives star Brandon Barash is opening up about his adorable 10-year-old daughter, Harper, and how she’s adjusting to her new role in her life: she’s a big sister to little baby Joaquin Lee! Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Days of Our Lives Star Brandon Barash Says Daughter Harper Is Adjusting To Her New Family Role

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest in a new interview, Brandon says that Harper is absolutely loving her new role as ‘big sister’ in the house. Not only that, but Brandon also says that his wife Isa is also adjusting to motherhood quite well. He said, “Isa became a mother so gracefully, so effortlessly. It was like she was designed, programmed by a computer, to be a mother. It’s just crazy what her instincts are, and the ferocity with which she loves our son is beautiful. It’s not that I expected anything less, because she’s an incredible stepmother to Harper. She treats Harper as if she gave birth to her. She loves her as if she’s her own. So I didn’t expect anything different with Joaquin, and I marvel at how effortless and seamless [motherhood] was for my wife.”

Brandon also says that he’s asked Harper plenty of times about her favorite part about having a baby brother. He said, “Her response every time, consistently, has been, ‘Having another life to love.’ I can feel my [late] dad, wherever he is, patting me on the back saying, ‘Good job, Son.’ Because I’ve got to be doing something right if those are my daughter’s priorities, giving love and compassion to her little brother and helping him find his way in this world through that love and compassion. It’s the most beautiful thing.”

Days of Our Lives News: Harper Is Involved In Everything 

The actor continued, “She wants to be involved in everything. She wants to change his diapers, she wants to dress him, she wants to feed him.… We took her with us to Joaquin’s four-month checkup, and she was there holding his hand. He got two shots, and she was just all up in the mix helping and holding him and telling him it was okay. She could not be more helpful. I could not ask for more.”

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