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Hollywood A-Lister Rupert Everett Calls Prince Harry ‘Deranged’

British Royal News says that one Hollywood A-lister out there is calling out Prince Harry and calling him “deranged.” In fact, actor Rupert Everett says that Harry’s story about how he lost his virginity with an unnamed blonde in the back field of a pub is simply untrue. Now, how Everett would know this, no one knows, but he claims that he knows the truth about Harry’s real virginity loss. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

British Royal News: Hollywood A-Lister Rupert Everett Calls Prince Harry ‘Deranged’

In an interview with the Telegraph magazine, Rupert Everett says that Prince Harry’s recollection of how he lost his virginity is simply not true. He told the publication, “By the way, I know who the woman he lost his virginity to is. And it wasn’t behind a pub. And it wasn’t in this country.”

He added: “I’m just putting it out there that I know.”

Everett also said that all of Prince Harry’s supposed confessions about the royal family and the way that he has apparently thrown the royal family under the proverbial bus has made him change the way he perceives the young royal. He put it this way, “It’s made me change my view. I was angry before, and now I just feel very sad – sad for Harry. I felt so sympathetic towards him for years and I still do now. Honestly! As someone who has put his foot in it quite a bit, I feel particularly bad for him about the Taliban thing. That changed everything and loses him the one group that still loved him.”

British Royal News: Is Prince Harry Not Telling The Truth In His Memoir?

If that weren’t enough, Everett also had some rather choice words for Harry.

He added, “I think he’s deranged. Although, of course, nobody is giving him good advice.”

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