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British Royal News: Royal Experts Believe Meghan Markle Will Go Back To Acting

Never say never, right? British Royal News says that there are some royal experts out there that believe Meghan Markle might go back to her acting roots this year. While the Duchess of Sussex hasn’t made any comments about the matter herself, others believe that there have already been a few indications made as to what direction Meghan will go in next. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Royal Experts Believe Meghan Markle Will Go Back To Acting

As many royal fans are aware with by now, Meghan was forced to end her Hollywood career soon after she got engaged to Prince Harry in 2017. While she did manage to wrap up her final season on Suits that same year, she hasn’t taken any othr projects since then. Instead, she’s mostly been focusing on her charity work with Prince Harry. That, and she’s also managed to flip the British royal family upside down with her bombshell of an interview with Oprah Winfrey back in 2021.

With that said, astrologer Inbaal Honigman believes that Meghan might be looking to make a Hollywood comeback sometime this year. At least, that’s what her latest Tarot reading says.

Honingman put it this way, “This card shows us that the Duchess is going back to her past, keen to create a life steeped in the values of her personal history and upbringing.”

She also added that the Duchess of Sussex isn’t the kind of person who will be “sitting around and waiting for things to happen, rather she’ll be making her own decisions and marching on fearlessly, whether she’s praised or hated.”

British Royal News: What’s Next For Meghan Markle?

That, and Honingman also thinks that Meghan will try to fit in more international trips into her schedule in the coming months ahead. She said: “This could be the year that sees her take up acting parts again, recreating connections and friendships of the past, and potentially even going back to her charity work abroad, introducing her children to her love of doing good.”

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