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British Royal News: Royal Critics Are Now Slamming Meghan Markle For Not Being More Involved In Prince Harry’s Book Spare

British Royal News says that regardless if she’s got something to say or if she doesn’t say anything at all, her critics are going to come after her. Of course, we are talking about Meghan Markle as there are some royal critics out there who believe that she should have been more involved with Prince Harry’s book, Spare. That’s because he made some ‘embarassing’ admissions that should have been left out of the book. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Royal Critics Are Now Slamming Meghan Markle For Not Being More Involved In Prince Harry’s Book Spare

In Spare, the Duke of Sussex let everything out as he not only mentioned his penis a whopping 15 times, but he also admitted to killing 25 Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. And now some royal commentatos believe that Meghan could have at least helped her husband out by editing some of the content before it went to publication. But then again, there’s also the speculation that Meghan has kept as quiet as she has been just because she didn’t want to look like she was too involved in what was supposed to be just Harry’s project.

Royal author Christopher Andersen put it this way, “Meghan clearly doesn’t want to make it look as if she’s somehow manipulating Harry, or that she’s had a hand in shaping his memoirs. The Sussexes are very sensitive to the fact that their critics believe she has some mesmeric sway over him. The fact is, this is Harry’s story, and for better or worse he has to own it.”

Yet, some reports have suggested that Meghan did raise some “gentle concerns” about the book, too.

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Anderson added, “What may be most concerning to both Harry and Meghan is the blowback they’ve gotten from people in the military who feel he was ill-advised to write about killing 25 enemy combatants while serving in Afghanistan. I can’t imagine if they’d had it to do over, that Meghan in particular would just as soon have had him leave those kinds of statistics out of the book.”

Meghan Markle herself has not made any comments about the criticism.

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