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General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Going On With Laura Wright?

General Hospital news says that if there’s anyone who has had a very eventful year, it’s been Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos). Here’s a little rundown of her 2022!

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Going On With Laura Wright?

Back in July, Laura tested positive for COVID-19. Laura took to her Twitter account to write to her fans, “Ok lots of tv time while we are on the couch with Covid – yes still feeling bad – right now we are finishing Midnight Mass. CRAZY!!! Haaaa   And yes we’ve seen Terminal List – so good!!!”

That same month she also opened up about Carly and her biggest fears. She said, “I think now Carly’s biggest concern is her kids and her family. She’s got a roof over her head. Look, we never see people paying car payments or dealing with the electric bill on daytime television, so her biggest concern right now is making sure that her kids are safe and good. That’s number one in Carly’s world.”

Laura continued, “She also has things to be excited about. She’s having fun with Drew, she’s excited about Willow’s pregnancy and her new grandchild coming. She’s focusing on being a mom right now. She’s obviously not thrilled that she lost the hotel but it happened, so for her, it’s ‘What’s next? There’s got to be a next for Carly, you know?”

In November, the actress also reminisced about her first day on the set of the hit ABC soap. 

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Next For Carly?

“My first day, I had to work all day long, in full makeup,” Laura recalled to Soaps In Depth, “and you never saw anything but my hand. It was the train crash that everybody was in years ago. Don’t you love how, whenever there’s a crisis on the show, everyone’s there?”

Laura continued, “I was in shock because when I left GL, we didn’t have dress rehearsal anymore and just went straight to tape with one take. I got to General Hospital and we were shooting the crash ’til midnight. ‘What the hell? I thought those days were gone?’ I think the next day, you saw my face… but I don’t think I spoke yet.”

WIth that said, Laura added that she was definitely a bag of nerves even though she was already a seasoned soap star, thanks to the many years she spent on Guiding Light. “The first day I worked, it was really busy,” she explained. “We were doing stunts, and there was smoke and fire. I was nervous and trying to figure it all out. It was my third soap and even though it’s all the same thing, every show does it differently. So I really just sat back and watched. I also didn’t really know anyone but [former THE CITY leading man] Ted King (ex-Alcazar). I kind of did my own thing.”

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