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British Royal News: Prince Harry So In Love And ‘Obsessed’ With Meghan Markle

Hey, we don’t blame the guy at all. British Royal News says that Prince Harry is so in love with his wife Meghan Markle that he is basically obsessed with her. And what wife wouldn’t want that, right? Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Prince Harry So In Love And ‘Obsessed’ With Meghan Markle

According to Page Six, sources at the Ripple of Hope Awards earlier this week said that the look Harry has on his face these days is that of love. One told the site that during the ceremony, “Harry looked so in love, and just seems to worship Meghan. He couldn’t stop staring at her all night. She also couldn’t stop smiling. [Harry] said, ‘I’m always inspired by my wife, and I’m always looking at my wife.’”

Another inside said, “She’s very serious, but charming. He is totally in her thrall. She’s freed him up from his royal life.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Harry was so worried that Meghan would end up like Princess Diana that he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that she was safe – even if that meant cutting the cord on his relationship with the rest of the royal family. According to the second trailer of the Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan, Prince Harry pretty much puts all of the blame on his royal family members for not giving him the help that he needed when the press kept on going after his wife, Meghan Markle. During the teaser trailer, Harry can be heard saying, “It’s about hatred, it’s about race,” while also talking about the “hierarchy” of the royal family and how just he and Meghan “know the full truth” about what happened before they pulled the plug on their working relationship with the monarchy.

British Royal News: All About Harry and Meghan

The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan will drop on Thursday, December 8th while the second half of the series will come out on December 15th. In the second trailer, Prince Harry can be heard as saying, “There’s leaking but also the planting of stories. It’s a dirty game.”

We will update you with all of the latest information as it comes in. In the meantime, let us know what you think with your thoughts in our comments section again. Be sure to catch up with everything on the British Royal Family right now. Come back here often for the British Royal Family news and updates.



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