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British Royal News: Princess Diana’s Former Private Secretary Sets The Record Straight On Her Mental Health Rumors

British Royal News says that even though it’s been so many years after her death, people are still talking about Princess Diana and whether or not her mental health was the reason why she had so many problems behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace. Well, her private secretary Patrick Jephson has decided to set the record straight on some of the rumors. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Princess Diana’s Former Private Secretary Sets The Record Straight On Her Mental Health Rumors

While on The Scandal Mongers podcast, Jephson hinted that it might have been Prince Charles who was spreading rumors about Diana being “unwell” just because she kept pushing back at the monarchy. He says, “This is not just some casual gossip, it was a systematic campaign. Okay, it was a long time ago, but … the man they were supporting is now our king and these things should not be buried, they should not be conveniently pushed to one side. They happened, in theory they could happen again, and certainly they shouldn’t pass without censure.”

He also said that there were some people behind the scenes that tried to make Diana look like she was a bit on the crazy side. Jephson said, “I get very frustrated. That has become the official line. If you ask people close to the current royal establishment — if you dare bring up the subject of Princess Diana, which very few people would — then I think that is the answer you would get; that it was a tragic story and that she was essentially troubled mentally, and the implication being that she was not entirely up the job, which essentially then she failed at.”

British Royal News: Princess Diana Wasn’t Going Crazy

The truth of the matter though is that Diana was fine. Or at least as fine as she could be under the circumstances that she lived in. Jephson continued, “When I hear people follow this line, when I see it not being challenged, I think, well, wait a minute. I knew Princess Diana probably better than almost anybody — certainly professionally — and she was one of the most sane people I ever met. Considering the life she lived, considering the pressures she was under, she wasn’t just sane, she had a kind of ability to restore sanity to crazy situations. As an eye witness, she could be a bit of a handful sometimes, but she was always extremely aware, sane, grounded, and funny.”

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