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British Royal News: Palace Aides Are Worried About The Possible ‘Blowback’ From Prince Harry’s Upcoming Memoir

British Royal News suggests that the royal palace apparently has a “genuine fear” over a possible blowback from Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, Spare. While The Duke of Sussex hasn’t said anything about whether or not he plans on throwing his family members under the bus again, it seems as though the palace is preparing for the worst. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Palace Aides Are Worried About The Possible ‘Blowback’ From Prince Harry’s Upcoming Memoir

According to royal expert and author Omid Scobie, there are some people behind the scenes at the palace who are none too pleased with the fact that Harry has chosen to call his book “Spare.” Omid also says that a lot of people are putting the blame on Meghan. He says, “Royal sources, media pundits and newspapers wasted no time sharing breathless outrage after publisher Penguin Random House revealed the tome’s title, steely-faced cover and January 10 release date. 

Then again, Omid says that Harry had decided to call his book Spare very early on in the book writing process. He says, “Of course, calling the book SPARE – a decision made by Prince Harry early on in the process – shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise. It’s a punchy choice, but for a word that has trailed the prince like a shadow, being the spare was one of the most defining aspects of his royal existence. Leaning on the derogatory moniker for a title is Harry finally owning the term after a lifetime of being called it.”

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That said, Omid says that the palace certainly is freaking out about it all. He continued, “No matter how carefully Harry shares the parts of his story involving others, there is still the very real risk of serious blowback from the institution and family. Palace aides recently told me about the “genuine fear” amongst senior members that this book will cause irrevocable damage to reputations and relations. But, for Harry, SPARE’s larger intention appears to make that risk worth taking.”

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