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General Hospital Spoilers: Anna’s Unspoken ‘I love you’ is Going to Keep Valentin Alive

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna’s Unspoken ‘I love you’ is Going to Keep Valentin Alive

General Hospital spoilers reveals when Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaugnessy) finally threw Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) a bone and said he could go visit his daughter, Charlotte Cassadine (Amelie McLain), nothing was going to stop Valentin from moving forward — even in Victor’s terms. He knows he can’t trust him, but he’ll do anything for his little girl. With one quick stop at Anna Devane’s (FInola Hughes) before leaving town, Valentin told her where he was headed and that it was on Victor’s private plane. He was leaving his fate in Victor’s hands — and with that, the fate of Valentin and Anna’s relationship.

General Hospital Spoilers — Three Little Words

Before Valentin could take flight on that plane destined for anywhere, he had to see Anna. He knew it could be the last time he would. Both of them did. But there was no question that he had to go. Victor held all the cards and Valentin had no room to negotiate when, where, or how he would ever see his daughter again. Prior to leaving Port Charles, he confessed to Anna that he loved her. Uttering those three little words made the moment heavy and nearly unbearable as a tearful Anna said her goodbyes, but her response was not “I love you, too.”

GH Spoilers Indicate Anna’s Silence Was Golden

Instead, Anna told Valentin if he didn’t come back to her, she would never forgive him. Anything else would’ve spelled an all too final goodbye. They both knew the weight of her words and what they really meant in that moment, and that’s all that matters.

Anna knows she may not see Valentin again, and while she’s not ready to entertain the idea that he and Charlotte could be gone forever, she’s going to struggle with how little control she has in finding them while she’s framed for Lucy Coe’s (Lynn Herring) shooting and stuck behind bars. Could Valentin be on the other side of the world somewhere stuck behind bars in another one of Victor’s hidden places of captivity, or might he be in Port Charles and locked up right under everyone’s noses?

General Hospital Spoilers — Valentin: Yet Another Hostage?

Victor’s tendency to hold hostage anyone he can get his hands on is pretty high. It’s unlikely he would kill Valentin. His son has become too useful to him. Still, rumors are swirling that Valentin won’t be home anytime soon. Wherever he is, it’s quite probable that he’s holding on to Anna’s last words to him and hoping her refusal to forgive him in his absence will keep her motivated to find him. Stay tuned right here for more GH news, updates, and spoilers.


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