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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hold The Phone! Is Brooke Hooking Up With Bill Again?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that if there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) over the years, it’s that she’s someone who just can’t keep her hand off of other men, and especially when she’s supposed to be happily married to her husband, Ridge Forrester. In fact, there’s rampant speculation that Brooke might be getting a little too close for comfort with her other ex, Bill Spencer. And if this all sounds very familiar, it’s because it is! Keep reading below for all of the spoilers you need to know.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hold The Phone! Is Brooke Hooking Up With Bill Again?

In a teaser trailer from The Bold and the Beautiful’s Twitter page, it looked like Ridge Forrester walked in on what looked like Brooke giving a nice, big hug to her ex, Bill. But we know that a hug is never just a hug, especially when it comes to Brooke Logan. Could there be a possibility that Brooke might be thinking about hooking up with the Dollar Bill again?

Of course, many The Bold and the Beautiful fans certainly weighed in on this new storyline. Some comments included, “So sick of it. Why do you have to make Brooke so awful. I don’t know why she’s hugging Bill but sure Ridge will see it has a betrayal. REALLY!!!” along with, “I’m sure it was innocent but why does she keep putting her hands on other men in her home with Ridge.  Almost like she subconsciously wants to be caught?”

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Another fan wrote, “Ridge sees Brooke hugging Bill and he’s ready to throw in the towel!? That’s jumping the gun a bit too soon! It’s more of an emotional reaction if he runs to Taylor now.”

And then there was this comment, “I would never have any man in my house knowing that my husband has issues with that said man. Brooke is such a toddler, getting into stuff and then crying when someone catches her. She needs to grow up. Who is the priority?”

Needless to say, The Bold and the Beautiful fans will have to tune in to find out what will happen next! In the meantime, let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on the CBS network. Check your local listings for times.

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