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British Royal News: Is The Royal Family Only Popular In The U.S. Because Of Meghan Marke?

British Royal News suggests that the royal family might have Meghan Markle to thank for their increasing popularity in the United States. At least, that’s what one royal author and expert believes. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Is The Royal Family Only Popular In The U.S. Because Of Meghan Markle?

In his latest column for Yahoo, royal biographer and expert Omid Scobie believes that Prince William, Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal family can thank Meghan Markle for the fact that more people are paying attention to them stateside. Apparently, that wasn’t the case before Meghan began dating Prince Harry back in 2016.

Scobie put it this way, “Though the US has long been fascinated with British royalty, interest in ‘The Firm’ was massively renewed when one of the country’s own married into the House of Windsor in 2018. The story of Meghan’s journey as a royal (and all things related to it) still accounts for the majority of royal coverage in the US. That space was once occupied by the Cambridges. In the couple’s earlier days, one couldn’t move for TV specials and magazine covers about William, Kate and their growing family. But as their life fell into a stable groove, the excitement and curiosity for the pair waned. With births and many of life’s major milestones checked off the list, they slowly became a tougher sell to audiences. It’s why there were no US media outlets on the couple’s recent tour of the Caribbean.”

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That said, Scobie also added that Prince William and Kate Middleton weren’t very keen on getting much American press before Meghan arrived. He said, “As someone with a mostly American media career, one of my earliest challenges covering the royals was getting their PR teams to care about overseas coverage. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first got engaged in 2011, the British press was the only priority to those around the couple. Seeing the advantages of reaching US audiences took a little more time. Access did eventually become more available but, over the years, the foreign market – including Commonwealth countries such as Australia and Canada – has often been an afterthought for palace press staff.”

Scobie also added that William might have more of a reason to tap into the American market because of his brother, Prince Harry. He said, “Harry’s popularity in Britain may be suffering, but his rise in the US has seen the Archewell Foundation receive huge attention from an impressive list of donors, and his charitable efforts and campaigning has quickly seen him acknowledged by the likes of Forbes and TIME, who named him and Meghan two of the world’s most influential people.”

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