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General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Is Getting Very Serious About Her Boycott

General Hospital fans know that when Nancy Lee Grahn gets very passionate about something, you better believe that she will also be very vocal about it, too. It looks like Nancy Lee Grahn is getting very serious about her boycott from Starbucks, as she tweeted yet another reason why she thinks her fans should skip the coffee chain and make their own Cup of Joe at home in the morning, instead. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Is Getting Very Serious About Her Boycott

Nancy shared two tweets about Starbucks on Wednesday. One was about the company’s supposed “egregious conduct” in interfering with the federally protected rights of employees while another was about actor James Cromwell supergluing himself to the counter of a Starbucks cafe in New York City to protest the chain’s policy for charging extra for plant-based milk.

Nancy wrote, “Is it that hard to get a coffee somewhere else besides #Starbucks? We can actually hurt these Companies if we’d just collectively not buy their anti union overpriced S**t!  #UnionsWork.”

Back in March, when Bernie Sanders tweeted, “Starbucks could give every one of its 383,000 workers a $5,000 bonus & still keep $2.6 billion in profits from last year. Instead they’re raising prices while spending $20 billion on stock buybacks & dividends when profits are up 31%” Nancy followed up with, “It’s been 4 months since I’ve had a #Starbucks. I’ve saved good money while feeling good about not contributing to their corporate greed.”

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Won’t Be Going To A Starbucks Anytime Soon

Of course, it didn’t take very long for Nancy’s fans and followers to comment on her new stance. Many of them wrote, “I stopped Starbucks when the pandemic happened. Before that, I was going daily. I don’t miss it and I’m saving money. Coffee at home is just fine. Besides, they got rid of my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce so there is really no reason for me to go there anyway,” along with, “Horrible coffee. Coffee Te Leaf and Bean, or something like that. Or get Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade, make it yourself and take with. Cheaper, better for the planet and your taste buds.”

Let us know what you think in your comments section below. Also, don’t forget that General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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  1. Just123 says

    Nancy Grahn really needs to stay out of politics. Recently she has been showing her true colors and she is a nasty person. It was extremely disappointing to see her behavior surrounding the vaccines and fellow GH employees. Not sure who she thinks she is but right now she is acting no better than the typical elitist Hollywood crowd who think they are better than everybody else and are constantly lecturing others.
    She needs to stay in her own lane. I have lost all respect for her. When she was off recently I actually hoped, she wouldn’t return.
    And to think that I used to really like the character Alexis that she played. Unfortunately that’s gone now!

    1. lynn platt says

      Totally agree with you!

      1. Cathy says

        Nancy needs to get off of her high horse. None of her classmates act like her. Wouldn’t miss her at all. Bring Steve and Ingo back.
        As for Starbucks, I’ve been once since they opened in my area, 25 plus years ago. Didn’t lose anything, so no reason to go back. Just give me a black cup of Maxwell House, and I’m fine.

    2. Susan says

      Well said Just123. I would like to see her gone from GH also. She is trying to run everything with her political comments. Just be an actress Nancy; you are good at that. If you want a political career go for it and leave GH forever.

  2. Jessie Attaway says

    Who does this miserable schrew think she is!? Now she’s telling people not to patronize Starbucks? Lord I wish she would have a medical problem that required her having to leave GH. (Nothing deadly or crippling of course. I just want her gone, not dead.)

    1. Eileen piazza says

      Nancy needs to stay out of politics besides if it weren’t for her president we wouldn’t be in a recession now .She needs to know that she is not always right people have their own opions she is not always right.

  3. Peggy Howell says

    Good for her. People should use their voice to speak up about things that they believe are wrong. The best way to get a company’s attention is hit them in the wallet! Starbucks is one of the biggest rip offs ever perpetuated on this country. The big guys get richer and don’t want to pay the workers who are making them rich a decent wage. Coffee is so cheap to make and they have made an art out of making it chic so they can charge you out the behind. Save your money. Buy a coffee maker and you will be able to take a vacation on the savings!

    1. Carolyn says

      My husband said if gas is so high why are all these cars in line at Starbucks?

  4. KL says

    I’m allergic to coffee but my daughter buys her coffee at Starbucks often and food for the kids! I told her what was going on and what Nancy Lee Grahn’s boycott is about and she totally agrees! So she gets her coffee somewhere else when she’s on the road and two of her friends have decided to join her so that’s three coffee drinkers who are now boycotting Starbucks and not buying their kids muffins there anymore either.

  5. Mary R says

    Agreed, and don’t forget their greed during the 911 attack.

  6. Darlene says

    Grahn needs to stay out of politics. Yes, she can have her opinions, but hers are insulting and often vulgar. If she can’t express herself in a civil manner, then she needs to be quiet and stop embarrassing her employer and whatever fans she has left. Starbucks won’t miss her anyway.

  7. Wanda says

    While she has been on her medical leave some of us have enjoyed watching #gh. But unfortunately her mediocre ass is back so time to get back to boycotting #gh. It’s ok to have your own but NOT ok to shove it down everyone’s throat.

  8. Paula T. says

    Ditto. I can’t stand her and was hoping she did not return to GH. Surprised she actually has any fans. But I find comfort in the fact that karma will take her down.

  9. Port CharlesFan says

    Who cares. I cant stand that woman. Recast her on GH.

  10. Susiefreeze says

    Hate Nancy Grahn for acting like the queen of it all. Love the new actress taking her place. She is a much better actress. Nancy Grahn is a woke loser.

  11. Laura Walczak says

    Nancy Lee Grahn is Alexis. She’s a great actress, and if she wants to use her voice to let people know about corporate greed or anything else, that’s her right. If you disagree just scroll by. No one forces you to read her posts or follow her.

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