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General Hospital Spoilers: Here’s What Nancy Lee Grahn Really Thinks About Neil’s Death

General Hospital spoilers say that it’s too bad that she’s such a deep sleeper. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis Davis on the hit soap, has some thoughts to share about how her character slept throughout the entire time that Harmony killed Neil by her side. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Here’s What Nancy Lee Grahn Really Thinks About Neil’s Death

As many fans know by now, Harmony managed to sneak into Alexis’s house, where she went upstairs and took out a syringe and shot it up Neil’s arm while Alexis was sleeping. This, of course, happened back in August 2020. The fact that she now lives with Harmony is sure giving everyone a lot to think about!

Needless to say, it didn’t take very long for Nancy Lee Grahn to take to her Twitter account to share her thoughts on the matter. She wrote, “I am very disappointed to find out that my character, #Alexis did not in fact, (Blank) her boyfriend to death. Apparently she is not as talented/flexible as I thought.  #gh.”

Ha! You certainly have to love Nancy’s sense of humor, right? Well, the internet sure does too as many of her fans replied to her comment with, “They knocked each other out pretty good, though.  Not even a stir when a weird woman clomped in the house in her muddy rain boots, waved a flashlight around the bedroom and jabbed a needle in Neil,” along with, “Alexis is the same range as me and I’m a very light sleeper due to ya know age-related blah blah blah. How does Harmony just waltz in there without either of them waking up? Were they both blacked out or something?”

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Another fan wrote, “They both were so exhausted afterward and slept through Harmony wandering around the bedroom with a search light and a shot much bigger than the one Alexis nearly took out Dante with. I wonder what Harmony’s been doing in the basement. She spilled that coffee on purpose.”

And then there was this: “True… but they did (blank) each other to the point that they were so exhausted that they didn’t hear Harmony walking around the room and he was to tired to react to being  given a needle. They only needed 15 more seconds!”

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Margaret Williams
2 years ago

Alexis is to forgiving and sees the good in everybody way to much. She is a great actress but needs to step up and realize that not everybody is a good guy.

Diane T Odom
Diane T Odom
2 years ago

It doesn’t matter how many times or how long they (blanked) I want to know WHY. What was Harmony’s reason for doing that? Did she know Neil or did it for Shiloh? When is Nina going to take responsibility for her own doing. I’m tired of the whole Nina thing. Kick her A– Carly. PLEASE

2 years ago

Harmony wasn’t wearing gloves. Did PCPD not do a fingerprint test. ?

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