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Ivanka Trump On Board With Donald Trump’s Divorce Plans For This Reason

If there is anyone who saw this coming a long time ago, it was probably her.

Ivanka Trump On Board With Donald Trump’s Divorce Plans For This Reason

There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Ivanka Trump is on board with her father Donald Trump’s decision to supposedly divorce his wife of almost twenty years, Melania Trump.

That’s mostly because Melania has pulled a disappearing act during one of the most crucial moments in his life as he is looking to become the president of the United States again.

However, Melania is refusing to make any public appearances or support him on the campaign trail. Not only is this frustrating for Donald Trump, but Ivanka Trump can surely understand where her father is coming from.

What’s Next For The Trump Family?

After all, during his first term in office, it was Ivanka who was doing most of the leg work so much so that some people were calling her the First Lady and not just the First Daughter.

It was also reported that Melania only did work or make her public appearances when she absolutely had to. Otherwise, she wasn’t seen for weeks at a time.

And because Melania is repeating this behavior once again, Donald has had enough. He wants to pull the plug on their marriage as he definitely doesn’t want to deal with this once he becomes president of the United States again.

He would rather have no First Lady than a First Lady who would rather sit behind closed doors. And it’s safe to say that Ivanka Trump agrees with this decision.

Then again, it’s not like Ivanka and Melania have gotten along in the past anyway. There was always a little bit of iciness between them whenever they were seen in public together.

But with Melania Trump out of the picture, this might give Ivanka Trump a chance to prove herself to the public once again. If Melania is going to refuse the job, then Ivanka is going to step in and do it for her. At least, that’s what many critics believe.

So far Ivanka Trump herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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