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Donald Trump Considering Divorcing Melania Trump, Per New Report

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It looks like someone is turning the tables on the other party here. There’s a new report that suggests it might Donald Trump who will pull the plug on his marriage to Melania Trump and not the other way around.

Donald Trump Considering Divorcing Melania Trump, Per New Report

This is because he’s absolutely frustrated with the fact that Melania keeps on disappearing and is not showing her support for him on the campaign trail. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

While there was some speculation suggesting that Melania was preparing to walk away from her husband Donald Trump as she simply didn’t want to move back to Washington, D.C., if he wins the election, it looks like it’s the former president who is holding all the cards here.

According to the Daily Beast, Donald is seriously considering separating from his wife just because she’s making his life so difficult right now.

The site says:

If Melania drags her heels about returning to the White House, Trump could become the first sitting president to get a divorce.

While this hasn’t happened in U.S. history, it was workshopped recently in Russia.

In 2014, Vladimir Putin jettisoned his longtime wife, Lyudmila, to spend more time with his out-of-wedlock family.

Of course, Donald Trump has not made any comments about the matter just yet, but a lot of people believe that the writing is on the wall.

What’s Next For Donald And Melania Trump?

Melania was not there for Donald Trump’s first debate against Joe Biden late last month, even though First Lady Jill Biden was there to support the sitting president.

This certainly did raise a lot of eyebrows among both Donald Trump’s fans and critics because it seems like she’s done a disappearing act ever since he was found guilty in his hush money trial.

If that weren’t enough, it has also been reported that Melania Trump wants to stay in Florida, should Donald win the election in November.

She has absolutely no plans to move to the White House and is even considering spending some time in New York City, should her son Barron Trump choose to go to college there.

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