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Jennifer Lopez Blamed For Ben Affleck’s Alcoholism

All she wants to do expand her business and her empire, but at the same time it looks like a lot of people are criticizing her for being insensitive.

Celeb News: Jennifer Lopez Blamed For Ben Affleck’s Alcoholism 

Of course, we are talking about Jennifer Lopez. There are a lot of people criticizing the multi-talented actress and singer for promoting her alcohol brand even though her estranged husband Ben Affleck is a recovering alcoholic.

And to make things work, Jennifer Lopez herself doesn’t even drink. That has prompted a lot of people to wonder: what gives?

Just a few weeks ago Jennifer shared a short advert of her drink Delola Cocktails, on her social media accounts.

She captioned her post with, “My go to summer drink: @Delola Cocktails with grilled fruit garnish. Enjoy the long weekend lovers. Salud.”

And of course, a lot of Jennifer’s critics sure did have a lot to say about the matter. Some commented with, “She doesn’t even drink and her husband is a recovering alcoholic lol. Also who hangs out to their own music.”

Another critic wrote, “As a recovering alcoholic, I can’t imagine being married to someone who’s constantly advertising…alcohol. Sometimes we have to make different choices to protect and care for the people we love.”

There was also this comment as well, “Her husband is an alcoholic and she sells alcohol. That’s love. Leave her. Ben Affleck know that you deserve so much better.”

Celeb News: What’s Next For Jennifer Lopez?

Now, whether or not Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are actually going to pull the plug on their marriage remains to be seen, but there have been a lot of reports suggesting that their relationship is all but dead.

Jen and Ben have been living separate lives and seem to only be with one another for the cameras. And when they are together, it’s hard for Ben not to hide his misery.

So far Jennifer Lopez herself has not made any comments about the matter but many people have noticed that she did turn off the comments section on her Instagram page.

Clearly, Jennifer is not paying any attention to her haters.

In the meantime, come back right here for all the latest updates and spoilers on your favorite daytime television shows including The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.


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23 days ago

Oh for god sake. BEN IS A BIG BABY, OOPHS BOY. Leave her alone. I suppose she is responsible for his actions when they were together before. People get over it and leave her the hell alone. Poor poor Ben

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