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What Happened To Suri Cruise?

When it comes to Suri Cruise, there’s no doubt that she’s one of the biggest names in the entertainment business, even though she’s never performed or acted in front of a camera, unlike her famous parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Yet, there’s also been so much interest in her life. Here’s a little run down of what’s been going on for Suri Cruise.

What Happened To Suri Cruise?

Before Katie Holmes pulled the plug on her short-lived marriage to Tom Cruise, the couple were always seen out and about with their daughter, Suri. In fact, Tom made it no secret that he was a very hands-on father. Also, no amount of money was too much for his daughter. That all changed after Tom and Katie’s divorce in 2012.

Back in April, reports said Suri Cruise celebrated her 18th birthday in New York City while her father Tom Cruise was thousands of miles away in London. According to Page Six, Suri Cruise looked like the typical, happy teenager that she is while she was out and about with her best friends on a very rainy day in New York City. But her father was nowhere to be seen. 

That said, it has been Katie Holmes who has done everything to protect her daughter Suri from the public and maybe even the Church of Scientology, too. One source close to the situation even said, “Katie has safeguarded Suri and she’s a devoted mom. This is a girl who is a private citizen. She hasn’t lived her life in public.”

Suri Cruise To Plan A Tell-All?

There’s also the possibility that Suri might tell her side of the story. One source close to the situation said, “Suri would have been too young to sign any agreement, but she will now be free to talk if she wants to and it’s going to be really interesting if she has something to say.”

The tipster added, “If you are a regular church member you could be told to disconnect from your wife and daughter, but because Tom is a celebrity — he’s the top celebrity — he gets to ignore all this stuff. Your average member would be kicked out, but David Miscavige can’t do that with Tom.”

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