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Shocking Reason Why Meghan Markle Won’t Show Lilibet’s Face In Public

You’d think by now that she would be comfortable with allowing the public to see her children’s faces seeing how they did participate in her Netflix projects in the past, but that just hasn’t happened yet.

Shocking Reason Why Meghan Markle Won’t Show Lilibet’s Face In Public

In fact, there seems to be a shocking reason as to why Meghan Markle won’t show her daughter Lilibet’s face in public.

And it seems like it has nothing to do with wanting to keep her family life private or being worried about her children’s security.

Instead, Meghan Markle knows that she needs to wait until the timing is absolutely right until the world gets to see LIlibet and her brother Archie again. She knows it’s a moment that she can capitalize on and of course, monetize, too.

But the Duchess of Sussex is not going to let it happen anytime soon. She has to make sure that the moment is right. All eyes have to be on the Sussexes at that very moment.

Meghan knows that she can’t show her children’s faces now, despite it just being their birthdays, because of everything going on back in the UK with King Charles and Kate Middleton dealing with their cancer battles. 

What’s Next For The Sussex Family?

As much as people hate Meghan Markle for all the things that she says and for all the things she does, she doesn’t want to look too insensitive during a very crucial time for the royal family right now.

Plus, Meghan is also refusing to travel to the UK to allow King Charles to spend time with Archie and Lilibet. She just doesn’t want to risk the trip – or at least that’s what she wants people to believe.

But sooner or later the moment is going to happen and of course, everyone is going to be talking about the Sussexes again.

So far the Duchess of Sussex has not made any comments about the matter but we will definitely update you with all of the latest details once they come in. 

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