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What Happened To Kirsten Storms?

When it comes to General Hospital actress Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) everyone wants to know what she’s doing, what she’s got to say, and of course, what she’s wearing! That’s because she’s one of the most beloved stars in the daytime television world. Well, here’s a little run down of what’s been going on in her life this year.

What Happened To Kirsten Storms?

While Kirsten is not the kind of person who has been sharing much about her personal life these last several months, she did share a black-and-white photo of her daughter, Harper, on her Instagram account back in February. She even captioned it with, “This is a great representation of how I feel in the morning getting Harper ready and out the door for school. Who else understands this vibe? (This is also pretty close to what my hair looks like at school drop off) And for the love of God, if you have unicorn children who wake up with their teeth already brushed, plz don’t comment.”

That said, Kirsten has admitted to suffering from bipolar and depression in the past but that of course doesn’t mean she’s currently dealing with any mental health issues right now. There’s a good chance that she probably just wants to be more private than public about her personal life. And fans have certainly been concerned about her, too. It’s mostly because it seems like she’s not doing all of the things that she used to love doing back in the day, including making sweaters for her best friend and former General Hospital co-star, Emme Rylan, and sharing all of the fun knitting and crocheting styles and ideas that she’s found. 

Kirsten Storms Has Always Been Open About Her Mental Health

Speaking of her mental health, Kirsten has also been very open about it with her fans. Back in April 2022 and in an interview with Maurice Benard on his YouTube series State of Mind, did admit to being bipolar and dealing with a lot of anxiety in her life. She put it this way, “I experience anxiety frequently. I have bipolar 1. I easily get frantic about things. I felt flustered, fear and stressed. I am obsessed with being on time. I don’t know if you noticed, but I was exactly on time when I entered the building. I obsessively worry about that kind of stuff. I have had panic attacks about that kind of stuff. My psychiatrist tried to change one of my medications at one point, and I had an adverse reaction to it.”

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