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Prince William Not Sorry For Mishandling Kate Middleton’s Life

It’s the royal way or no way.

There’s new speculation on social media that suggests Prince William isn’t feeling very remorseful towards his wife, Kate Middleton.

Prince William Not Sorry For Mishandling Kate Middleton’s Life

While the Princess of Wales has every reason to be furious over the way that the palace had basically destroyed her reputation by not coming clean about her health and her cancer crisis, Prince William feels like he’s got nothing to feel sorry about.

That’s because he’s used to how things operate behind closed doors at Kensington Palace. All his life he’s been told that things happen a certain way and that’s why he’s never interfered.

But for Kate Middleton, she feels like the palace has gone too far this time around. If they would have just been honest about her cancer diagnosis in the same way they were with King Charles when he had announced it, there wouldn’t have been so many rumors about her, her health, or even the state of her marriage online.

And while Prince William certainly could have don’t something about it, he didn’t. That’s why Kate is so angry with him.

It’s one thing to feel like a member of the royal family. But the Princess of Wales feels as though Prince William could have done more to defend her and her reputation.

What’s Next For Kate Middleton?

After all, she is his wife and the future queen of England.

But because Prince William has kept so quiet and has not defended her behind closed doors, that’s why she’s so upset with him.

She clearly needs him the most in her life right now. While Prince William has stepped up for their kids and their family, he just hasn’t stepped up for her in a way that she would have liked.

It almost feels like Prince William doesn’t care. And even if he does, he’s doing a poor job of showing it.

If Prince William is just going to be this way, Kate Middleton might as well just find a way out of their marriage. Or at least, that’s what she thinks.

So far Kensington Palace has made no comments about the matter.

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Donna Guffey
Donna Guffey
9 days ago

Of course he’s done nothing about it…because he’s a bully…a pompous ass…and everything is about him…!!! That’s part of the reason Prince Harry is no longer an active family member…!!! But then Kate should have showed some spunk and taken her life into her own hands…!!! I’ve always loved the Royals…all of them…but sometimes they are really aggravating…

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