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Fans Defend Teresa Giudice Over Her Parenting

While there’s no doubt that many of her fans and critics can sure say a lot about some of the ways that she’s behaved in front of the cameras, if there’s one thing that a lot of people seem to agree about when it comes to Teresa Giudice, it’s how she’s done a good job of raising her family.

Celeb News: Fans Defend Teresa Giudice Over Her Parenting

In fact, many people are even defending Teresa Giudice over her parenting. That’s because they think that she’s actually done a good job of raising her four daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana Giudice.

Just this past week, Teresa shared a new photo of her and her daughter, Gabriella, who will be attending the University of Michigan this fall. She captioned her photo with, “My beautiful porcelain doll Gabrriella. So proud of you.”

Of course, many of Teresa’s fans and followers sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. While Teresa is one reality television star who has gotten into a heap of trouble in the past (which included flipping a table on another castmate and serving time in prison), no one can say anything bad about the way that she raised her kids.

Some comments included:

You raised beautiful, sweet and really smart girls. No one can argue with that. You are a great mom. You could throw a table at me and I’m still gonna be team Teresa. Just saying.

Celeb News: Teresa Giudice Praised As Being A Great Mom

The only redeeming moments of this season so far have been scenes of you and your family. The love and genuineness comes through very clear. Lovely to see.

You are a wonderful mother & have raised your daughters right . They are smart and beautiful. I really enjoyed the stuff they showed of you and your family last night.

Every single one of your daughters are classy and beautiful. They were raised right.

And there you have it, folks.

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