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Kate Middleton Wants To Divorce Prince William For This Reason

For Kate Middleton, all of the stress that comes with being a member of the royal family just isn’t worth it anymore. 

Kate Middleton Wants To Divorce Prince William For This Reason

There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Kate Middleton wants to divorce Prince William sooner rather than later.

And it’s not because she doesn’t love him anymore or doesn’t want to fight for their family.

Instead, it’s because she’s tired of living under the constraints of the royal family. And she’s never felt that more than she has now during her cancer battle.

As many royal fans already know, the Princess of Wales had announced her cancer diagnosis back in March.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Kate Middleton?

But she was only forced to do so because there was so much speculation about her whereabouts on the internet. Because she wasn’t seen for so many months, a lot of people truly believed that Kate had disappeared.

Not only that, but the Princess of Wales also feels frustrated that the palace never came clean about her condition from the very start.

Instead, they just let the rumors fly online and that right there ended up doing a lot of damage to her reputation.

The Princess of Wales is just tired of living under the confines of the palace and doesn’t want to deal with her royal life anymore, especially since it’s giving her more pain than pleasure.

If she has to walk away from Prince William and the life they’ve built together, then so be it. Kate Middleton supposedly believes that her mental health is just far more important right now.

Of course, this is not what Prince William wants on his end, but if Kate Middleton does end up pulling the plug on their marriage, there is little that he can do to change her mind.

So far Kensington Palace has not made any comments about the matter but we will definitely update you with all of the latest details once they come in.

Tell us, what do you think about this story? Leave us your thoughts in our comments section below.

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Eileen Adam
Eileen Adam
11 days ago

The media won’t leave royal alone ,they are lovely couple and what about the children they the ones what suffer the most. Last of all if it’s damaging her health and cannot cope anymore I agree leave .god bless . Hope her health improves x

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