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Jared Kushner Wants Nothing To Do With Donald Trump

Certainly no one can blame him for feeling the way that he does. 

Celeb News: Jared Kushner Wants Nothing To Do With Donald Trump

There’s heavy speculation on social media that suggests Jared Kushner wants absolutely nothing to do with his father-in-law, Donald Trump especially now that he’s a convicted felon. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Jared Kushner Wants Nothing To Do With Donald Trump

After all, Jared’s own father, Charles Kushner, is a convicted felon himself and has spent years behind bars. 

That’s something that Jared simply doesn’t want to relive in his life right now.

It’s been reported earlier this week that Ivanka Trump flew to New York City to be by her father’s side after it was announced that Donald was found guilty on all 34 counts in his criminal hush money trial.

Jared Kushner Wants No Part Of The Drama

As many people know by now, Donald was found guilty of paying off an adult film star to keep quiet about their alleged sexual counter back in 2006.

And while this is not something that Ivanka Trump wants to talk about, let alone be associated with, she did fly up to New York City to console her father who was clearly angry after the announcement was made that he was found guilty.

But for Jared, he would rather not be anywhere near that circus or any of Donald’s drama right now. That’s why he stayed behind in MIami to be with the couple’s three children. 

Celeb News: What’s Next For Donald Trump?

And from what critics can tell, that’s where he’s going to be for the longest time. Even if Doanld Trump wins the presidential election in November, there’s a very good chance that Jared will be nowhere near Washington, D.C. or New York City when it happens.

He’s simply put that life in the past now. And of course, his wife Ivanka has done the exact same thing.

So far Jared Kushner himself has made no comments about the matter.

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