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The Real Truth About Tom Cruise And His Three Children

While everyone knows that Tom Cruise is perhaps one of the friendliest Hollywood stars out there who always treats his fans with the utmost respect, there are certain things about his private life that he would rather not have anyone know. That’s especially true when it comes to his three children, Bella Cruise, Connor Cruise, and Suri Cruise. While many people have assumed that Tom doesn’t have much of a relationship with his daughter Suri, the same can’t be said about his two older kids, Bella and Connor. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

The Real Truth About Tom Cruise And His Three Children

It has been speculated by the media that both Bella and Connor decided to remain in the Church of Scientology after Tom Cruise had divorce his ex-wife Nicole Kidman in 2001. And as a result, Nicole hasn’t had much contact with her children. She’s even said in past interviews that she misses having them in her life.

That said, Tom Cruise still seems to have a very strong bond with Bella and Connor. In fact, former NFL player Derrick Brooks even took a group photo with everyone right before a hockey game back in December 2023. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces. He captioned his pic with, “Good Evening, Wow, look who stopped by my office before our @tblightning game tonight! @tomcruise. I was a little star struck but played it cool and He said he was too!”

How Is Tom Cruise As A Parent?

That said, Tom Cruise himself has not made any comments about his children, nor has he said anything about how he parents them. But it’s safe to say that he loves all his children, regardless of how often he sees them, right? One can only hope so.

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