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GH Spoilers Update Tuesday, February 13: Urgent Moves, Probing Questions, Sticky Situations

GH Spoilers Update Tuesday, February 13: Urgent Moves, Probing Questions, Sticky Situations

General Hospital spoilers and updates for Tuesday, February 13, 2024, tease urgent discussions, probing questions, and sticky situations!

Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) starts an urgent discussion, Molly Lansing-Davis (Kirsten Vaganos) asks probing questions, and Dex Heller’s (Evan Hofer) in a sticky situation!

General Hospital Spoilers: Lonely Ava Jerome Seeks Out A Friend

Lonely Ava Jerome (Maura West) seeks out a friend, and it looks like she’s also seeking out a babysitter. She tells someone it’s not safe for Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Ava and Grace Scarola) to stay over. It sounds like she might be seeking a little grown-up privacy as well.

Of course, being concerned about Avery’s safety is uppermost in her mind as well. There’s been attacks recently against Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) with whom they’d been staying.

GH Spoilers: Urgent Discussions

Today was Gregory’s move day from his Metro Court Suite to in with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) and he tells Finn he can’t put it off any longer.

Previously they’d discussed how to tell Violet that her grandfather’s moving in because he’s ill and doesn’t have very long to live with his ALS progressing.

They discussed telling the little girl together, and it sounds like Gregory thinks the sooner the better. With the way his illness is getting progressively worse they need to tell her as soon as possible.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Baldwin Reconnects With Laura Collins

Elsewhere, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) reconnects with Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and Elizabeth’s stunned by some recent news. She is nearly frantic as she tells Laura this is the first time hearing of this.

GH Spoilers Update Tuesday, February 13: Urgent Moves, Probing Questions, Sticky Situations

Elizabeth may have just learned that Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) turned himself in for holding Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) hostage and is in prison.

Along with that, Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) prepared legal paperwork before leaving town for Laura and Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) to adopt Ace Prince-Cassadine (Jay and Joey Clay). Elizabeth will certainly pitch in whenever she’s needed to take care of the baby.

GH Spoilers: Probing Questions

At Kristina Corinthos-Davis’ (Kate Mansi) place, Molly asks her sister some probing questions, wanting to know if her surrogate pregnancy is why she’s not pursuing things with Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez).

Molly has just found out that Kristina and Blaze are more than friends, but she’ll learn there’s more to it than that. Blaze has certain close family members who would never accept her sexual preferences and a lesbian lifestyle, therefore if she and Kristina pursued it, it would need to stay secret. Kristina will explain things to Molly as well as she can, still being respectful to Blaze’s situation.

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Spencer Has A Realization

Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) has a realization as she’s talking to Brick (Stephen A. Smith). She’s finding out that Sonny’s attacks were coming from an inside source, and it’s possible Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) may have told her, as he did Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). Carly notes that’s something that Sonny won’t tolerate.

Brick says it’ll all be over soon-and Carly will realize someone’s in danger and being taken to the Pine Barrens. Carly knows all about the Pine Barrens from her many times being married to Sonny and him and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) taking enemies and betrayers there to dispose of them!

GH Spoilers: Sticky Situations

In the meantime, Dex is in a deadly dangerous sticky situation as Sonny, a couple of other henchmen, and Frank Lyon (Frank Lyon) have arrived at the Pine Barrens.

Dex is horrified as he realizes something-and asks Sonny to confirm that he thinks he’s the one who betrayed him! Sonny will confirm what Brick told him about Dex having large payments made to an offshore account in Dex’s name.

Unfortunately, the timing confirms the suspicions as one was made right before the Metro Court attacks and the other right after the attack at Sonny’s island! 

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.


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