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Royal Conspiratists Have A New Theory Over Kate Middleton’s Cancer

Another day, another conspiracy. This time around though there are some royal conspiracists out there that have a new theory over Kate Middleton’s cancer.

Or at least, for those who think that she still has cancer.

Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Royal Conspiratists Have A New Theory Over Kate Middleton’s Cancer

In fact, one X user and royalist Dr. Monika Dobberstein started a major threat on social media. When she shared her thoughts on the matter.

She wrote, “#PrincessKate disappears from the public eye. From the beginning, #PrinceWilliam‘s explanations are implausible, but the #BritishMedia accept them uncritically, do not research, are simply silent or spread the narratives of @kensingtonRoyal. There is reason to worry about Kate.”

If that weren’t enough she said, “On January 17th, KP proactively and expressly excluded cancer, even though it must have been at least known that tissue had been taken and histology was on the way.”

Dr. Monika also added, “Histology takes less than 1 week, i.e. result was likely before January 25th. Hwev, on Feb 29th, KP stated: ‘KP made it clear in January the timelines of the Princess’ recovery & we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands.’”

She concluded with, “All that in consideration it wasn’t far-fetched to worry about Kate and fear that she might have become a victim of domestic violence. People who challenge the palace and #BritishMedia narratives are not violating Kate’s privacy and are not conspiracy theorists.”

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike certainly chimed in. 

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One wrote, “There is something seriously wrong with Journalism in the UK Media. There abdication of integrity, holding those in power and themselves accountable is atrocious.”

Another also said, “Good chance that he harmed her or she harmed herself. Either way, they don’t appear to be on the same team at this point. I suspect she is either playing hardball or seriously injured.”

So far Buckingham Palace has made no comments about the matter.

We will update you with all the latest details as they come in.

Tell us, what do you think about this story? Leave us your thoughts in our comments section below.

Also, watch this space for all of the latest breaking news. Come back to Celebrating the Soaps for everything you need to know about the British Royal Family and the hottest celebs.


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