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General Hospital News: Remembering The Best Of Johnny Wactor

By now, everyone has heard about the tragic news about Johnny Wactor’s death. The General Hospital alum was shot and killed by robbers who were attempting to steal his car’s catalytic converter on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

General Hospital News: Remembering The Best Of Johnny Wactor

Johnny was pronounced dead by the time the paramedics reached the hospital. He was only 37.

The actor was best known for his role as Brando on the hit ABC soap. 

Here we remember some of Johnny’s best moments throughout his time on daytime television. 

Back in 2022, Johnny took to his Instagram account to share a message with his fans. He started it of by saying, “It’s been a couple of days since the demise of Brando Corbin in Port Charles as we know it and I have to tell you, I have been so blown away by the reaction from fans.” 

“I had no idea that you guys cared so much about my character.”

Johnny also added, “Truly. As an actor, we’re lucky any time we get a job. And to be on a show that has a fanbase that is this loyal and cares this much, I’m truly gonna miss it.”

General Hospital News: Johnny Wactor Dead At Age 37

“I’m gonna miss ‘y’all’s comments and your opinions of what the characters should do or what the writers should do. It’s really a unique experience.”

He also admitted there was no bad blood between him and the show when he left General Hospital that same year.

He also said that after he completed his last scenes, “I gave a little speech. I knew that I would want to say something just because of my time there and my relationships with the people in the cast and crew.”

“I was a little emotional. I’ve got no bad blood and I wish everyone at GH the best.”

In 2021, he shared a touching message about the Baby Liam storyline with his fans. 

He started it off by saying, “I want to thank everyone for being so invested in watching Liam’s journey. It’s obviously an incredibly painful storyline that has left many of you with the question, simply put, ‘Why?’”

“Why tell a story of two new parents, with a shaky foundation, but who have hope to maybe be something together, and then take away the greatest gift they’ve ever had before they even get to truly cherish and nurture that gift, their baby boy Liam?”

“Why this story during one of, if not the roughest stretch of time in many our personal lives? Why during the holidays? Especially, when General Hospitalis many of yours escape.”

“An escape that is expected to provide joy in times of need. I won’t speak on the timing, appropriateness, etc, BUT I will offer my speculation from my end as a player in telling stories.”

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