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Jennifer Lopez Won’t Divorce Ben Affleck For This Sad Reason

With a lot of reports suggesting that they are headed towards splitsville, a lot of people can’t help but wonder what’s true and what’s not. Well, it seems like Jennifer Lopez doesn’t want to divorce her husband Ben Affleck and there’s a sad reason behind it.

Celeb News: Jennifer Lopez Won’t Divorce Ben Affleck For This Sad Reason

Jennifer Lopez won’t divorce Ben Affleck. If there’s one person who is going to pull the plug on their marriage, it will most likely be the Boston-born Hollywood star. Jennifer simply doesn’t want to go through the experience of having a painful divorce yet again.

As many of her fans already know, JLo has been married and divorced three times before. This time around she really thought things were going to be ‘forever’ between her and Ben. But it looks like their love has completely fizzled out as Ben looks miserable each time he’s with her.

Jennifer doesn’t want to have a divorce because her life is spiraling out of control as it is. No one is buying her album or listening to her music anymore. To make matters worse, her worldwide tour turned out to be a flop.

The last thing that Jennifer needs is a huge blow to her personal life. She doesn’t want to make the gossip headlines again for all of the wrong reasons.

Celeb News: Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Want Another Divorce On Her Record

Yet, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when Ben decides to officially end things. He’s already got one foot out the door and is looking to start his life over, regardless of what Jennifer has to say about it. We’ll update you with all of the latest news once it comes in.

There’s no doubt that things are going to be very hard for Jennifer moving forward, but she’s been in this position before. However, she doesn’t want to be known as someone who fails at love over and over again. That’s what she desperately wants to make things work with Ben.

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Christine Roberts
Christine Roberts
26 days ago

Take what you came with and partways Jennifer stand on your own for a while

Christine Roberts
Christine Roberts
26 days ago

Jennifer shouldn’t take him back either. He really needs to figure out what he’s doing with himself because he’s just on the road to circling the drain.

Christine Roberts
Christine Roberts
26 days ago

Why do you have to be mean if you guys are exes don’t you think you should check in with her? Make sure that she’s OK or is this a jealous streak? Yeah, they rushed into it but doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

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