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Royal Cancer Nightmare: King Charles Looking Worse For Wear

It looks like things aren’t progressing in the direction that he’d like to see. There’s a new report that suggests King Charles looked anything but like his regular self when he was with Queen Camilla at St. Paul’s Cathedral. As many royal fans know by now, the King of England is currently battling with his cancer diagnosis, with some reports suggesting that the future might not be looking good for him. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Cancer Nightmare: King Charles Looking Worse For Wear

It looks like King Charles is dealing with a royal cancer nightmare. That’s because the King of England looked worse for wear while he was at St. Paul’s Cathedrel with Queen Camilla for the Service of Dedication for the Order of the British Empire. Some pointed out that King Charles looked grumpy and tired while others said he made an effort to come to this event but totally snubbed Prince Harry and the Invictus Games celebration last week. King Charles couldn’t even crack a smile for the cameras.

Some concerned royal fans and critics wrote, “I think she was just named grand master a few weeks/months ago, when Charles gave out all those honors and snubbed the Edinburghs/Wessexes. Honestly, the contrast between this service honoring…..the Order of the British Empire…..and harry’s service last week AND their Nigeria trip… very striking,” along with, “If this wasn’t a photo you could be forgiven for thinking that this was from 1750, right down to the boy in breeches and buckle shoes. I can respect history and tradition, but the fact that no other monarchies in Western Europe seem to do this stuff should be an indicator that you can find a way to do both traditions and modernity.”

Royal Cancer Nightmare: What’s Next For King Charles?

Another critic wrote, “Didn’t look like there was much of a crowd there. Charles and Camilla turned around to check but I think they were disappointed. And the really loud bells – I assume they were to drown out any booing.”

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