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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Telling Sam the Truth About His Informant Status Mend the Rift Between Them?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Telling Sam the Truth About His Informant Status Mend the Rift Between Them?

General Hospital Spoilers report Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) have been through the wringer for the last several years.

When Sam made a command decision a few years back that she was tired of danger and her children being at risk just because of their father’s line of work, she cut ties with the love of her life and asked for a divorce. Some fans still say it makes no sense, given the longer history Sam had of embracing Jason’s lifestyle and being attracted to it.

But having children can change people. However, now that Jason is back from the dead and eager to have a relationship with his son, Danny Morgan (Asher Atonyzyn), Sam has taken issue with them spending any time together.

Will Jason’s honesty about what he’s been up to for the last two years do anything to mend the hurt in Sam’s heart? The answer might surprise us.

General Hospital Spoilers — Jason Opened Up

Jason hasn’t told Sam the entire truth about his situation, and that left her feeling like she must not be inner circle enough for him to share that information with.

There has been a sense of jealousy on Sam’s end in recent years, too. When she finally gave up on her marriage to Jason, she was forced to accept that Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) was always the real woman in Jason’s life.

She’s probably still not quite over that. Nonetheless, she has no idea that Jason’s FBI informant situation is wrapped up in trying to protect Carly, but it won’t take her long to make that leap.

GH Spoilers Say Sam Can’t Mind Her Own Business

The second that Sam found out Jason wasn’t just a bastard who abandoned his family and instead has been more or less forced to cooperate with the FBI, her demeanor changed on a dime.

She still wasn’t interested in discussing Jason having a relationship with Danny, but she was less volatile in dealing with him. Still, the fans are angry that Sam was upset with Jason to begin with and didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt that there must have been a good reason that kept him away from everyone.

If she knows it’s out of character for Jason to work with the FBI, why wouldn’t she know him well enough to know he would never choose to be away from his family?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Telling Sam the Truth About His Informant Status Mend the Rift Between Them?

Now that she knows better because he had to say it out loud, Sam is going to meddle in Jason’s situation from afar, and it could come back to bite her.

General Hospital Spoilers — Where Do We Go From Here?

Will Jason’s honesty move mountains to get him and Sam back on solid ground? It’s anyone’s guess. The last few years of their relationship haven’t made a whole lot of sense to GH fans who have followed their union from the start.

 town as a con artist with a past, and she was drawn to Jason’s dangerous side. She facilitated a lot of his crimes over the years, only to turn around and act like a completely person down the road who wasn’t comfortable with what he did for a living.

Now, it’s hard to say whether Sam will be comfortable with Jason’s new status working with the FBI or not. She’s not even comfortable with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) working for the PCPD anymore.

Do you sense a pattern? Will Jason’s transparency lend way to Sam being more cordial with him and perhaps even allowing a relationship between him and Danny — or is this the beginning of a whole new level of problems she will have with her ex?

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.


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