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Was Meghan Markle Invited To The Met Gala After All?

Something just isn’t adding up here. Did Meghan Markle snub the Met Gala or was she snubbed by the Met Gala? That’s what a lot of critics can’t help but wonder as there’s a new report that suggests the Duchess of Sussex had a reason for not attending this year’s event. That’s because she wanted to be the center of attention and knew that was not going to happen with the celebrity elite in attendance. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Was Meghan Markle Invited To The Met Gala After All?

Was Meghan Markle invited to the Met Gala? That’s what fans can’t help but wonder. It is being suggested that the Duchess of Sussex skipped out on it because she didn’t want to compete for attention. Yet, some people think there’s a good chance that she wasn’t invited to the prestigious event to begin with.

One PR guru by the name of Kieran Elsby told The Mirror, “I’m sure if she would have attended as she would not of made many headlines, with so much competition. It comes back to celebrities wanting ‘All Eyes On Me’ and she wouldn’t have been anywhere near the big player in the room. So best to duck, dive and avoid, until she can find an event all about her.”

Celeb News: Meghan Markle Was Snubbed Once Again

However, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams says that there’s a chance Meghan wasn’t invited to begin with simply because she’s not the A-list star that she thinks she is. 

He put it this way, “The problem is that when the Sussexes ceased to be senior working royals, they started attacking the Royal Family and monetised their royal connections. That seems to me to be so destructive. They should have had more publicity-conscious decisions a great deal earlier.”

So far Meghan Markle herself has made no comments about the matter although at this point there’s a chance that she won’t.

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18 days ago

Meghan needs to ask all the people she hurt to PLEASE forgive her. She needs to pray her husband will forgive her for trashing not only her family and friends but his family and friends. We should all Pray for her and her family.She needs help and We all need to pray for her and her children that she will be forgiven.

18 days ago

I very much doubt that she was invited, most of the real A Listers are keeping their distance.

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