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Prince Harry Accused Of Making Life Difficult For King Charles

So this is the reason why he didn’t want to meet with his son. There’s a new report that says Prince Harry is being accused of making life difficult for King Charles as he supposedly gave a list of certain demands he wanted to see happen before meeting his father during his short trip in London. And because the palace couldn’t meet those demands, King Charles decided not to see Harry, despite him being in the UK for the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Invictus Games. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince Harry Accused Of Making Life Difficult For King Charles

According to Page Six, King Charles didn’t snub his son. He just couldn’t get past another round of difficult negotiations between him and Harry, according to one insider. One source close to the situation put it this way, “I think the reason was because Harry made certain demands about who could be in the room and who couldn’t. Although on the surface it looks like a snub, Harry made it very difficult for his father.”

The tipster also added, “Maybe other forces were driving Charles’s position on this. William may have had a thought about how this meeting should be conducted or whether it should be conducted at all. We know that Charles likes to meet Harry with Camilla in the room which isn’t always a popular decision. Harry was without his wife as well, so this was fraught with difficulty.”

What’s Next For Prince Harry?

It goes without saying that Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter, but there’s no doubt that Prince Harry has to feel very disappointed that his father supposedly has no time in his schedule all of a sudden to meet up with his son. After all, the Duke of Sussex has made it pretty clear that he wants to put this royal feud behind them. But seeing how they can’t even come up with a plan to meet, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon. 

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Jeanne Mitchell
Jeanne Mitchell
17 days ago

Sick of the constant borage of lies. accusatuons and ” opinions from “EVERYBODY” just stirring up additional problems and garbage! Same goes goes Trump. Everything printed is of no benefit for anyone other than gossip mongers. It is all about personal and private issues. None of it affects anyone but them.

Liz Williams
Liz Williams
16 days ago

Exile Harry . How could he do this to the whole of the Royal Family , this is stressing his Royal Majesty our King , his health does not need this . Could go on but I think I will stop there . Meghan another story . She has ruined a good man .

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